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Monday, March 05, 2007

On the NDP Blogging Controversy

So based on this post the person who runs the blogging dippers aggregator seems to have ignited a firestorm of protest across the blogosphere. Most notably from Liberals (who might, just might, not have the NDP's best interests at heart) such as Cherniak and Kinsellsa

Normaly I would say that this is the libblogers traditional overt-the-top rhetoric towards the NDP, I mean, Jason "the NDP is sick" Cherniak is not exactly our best friend, right?

But now the federal party went and got involved.

Jason now has a copy of a letter from the President of the federal party wherein she says the following:

I am writing in regard to some highly offensive comments that appear on a blog operated by Robert McClelland The statements allegedly made by Mr. McClelland are repugnant and in no way represent the views of our Party.

I want to assure you that the New Democratic Party of Canada, its provincial sections and local riding associations are not affiliated with Mr. McClelland or his independently operated blogroll, the "blogging dippers"

The NDP is undertaking the development of a new blog roll that better reflects the views and needs of the New Democrats in the blogosphere

So here's is what pisses me off. Robert goes out of his way to admit that he is not affiliated with the NDP (and rightfully so) .

However, even though I disagree with his speech, he has done a service for the blogging dipper community.

The fact that I had to find out about this from a Liberal web page, from an anti-ndp liberal blogger goes to show me that the federal NDP just doesn't get it.

They couldn't find ONE SINGLE NDP BLOGGER TO POST THIS?!!!???!!!??

Good luck getting a party blog site started when you treat the actual bloggers of your party like crap guys!

Robert deserved to get at least a copy of the letter cc'ed to him and the rest of the blogging dippers deserved a heads up.

Update: Some other blogging dippers have gotten in no the act and most are of a similar line to me. Canadian Observer points out that Cherniak is silly and takes a shot at the Party President

Northern BC Dipper also points out the hypocracy of Cherniak but doesn't address the the Federal Party's involvement

the bigwigs in the blogosphere all weight in here

And then there is some more here, here here and here

Uperdate: And still some more, and more, but the best quote comes from a comment in Cherniak's post:

Dammit, Cherniak, things are rocky enough right now without up-thrusting young Liberals trying to make cheap political hay out of this mess, and defensive NDP officials going nuts on us.

You let us progressives clean house, as most assuredly we will. Just stop telling us what to do. We don't need you or Anne McGrath trying to make the Blogging Dippers crowd collectively responsible for the outrageous comments of one blogger. (I'm not a BDer myself, incidentally.)

Anne's announced intention to set up a new NDP blogroll, with her innuendo about the Blogging Dippers, is unconscionable. Her reaction may delight you, and shore up some political support at the same time, but there's a lot of mud in the air at the moment, flung at a lot of decent people, and it would be nice if that sort of thing were to cease.

The last thing we need is widening the loop on this, to take in the NDP brass, the Liberal Party and the Canadian Jewish Congress. I'm amazed the starboard side of the blogosphere hasn't been eating this one for lunch already, but thanks to you and Anne, it'll be any minute now. Then we'll all wear this crap. Thanks a bunch.
Again, I would like to point our that this debate could be happing on an NDP blog with links incoming and traffic broadening if the NDP would USE THEIR OWN BLOGGERS INSTEAD OF GIVING LIBERAL BLOGS THE SCOOPS.

Even more uperdate: So Northern BC dipper (to his credit) is trying to make some positive suggestions to move forward. See, now that didn't take long before blogging dippers started weighing in and trying to fix things, but the Federal Party has put a kybosh on that by saying (to the media and liberal bloggers before talking to us) that they are creating their own blogroll.

So now what can we do but wait and see what the geniuses at federal office are going to come up with?