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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shouldn't Jason Kenney be Charged?

Remember that whole Jason Kenney thing where he talked to a terrorist group:

Kenney is shown addressing an April 6 rally on Parliament Hill and is quoted as welcoming participants "on his own behalf as well as the prime minister."

And then the Liberals called on him to apologize:

On Thursday, Coderre accused Kenney of indulging in "demagogy against me" over the peace rally even though Coderre said he had denounced the show of support for Hezbollah "right away on the spot."

"A terrorist group is a terrorist group so I'm expecting Jason Kenney, who likes to play politics and who's as subtle as Barney Rubble in politics, he should do better than that."

Here is what Kenney had to say:

Kenney said he is well aware that the PMOI is also known as the MEK and is listed as a terrorist group.
Source: Tehran Times
So then the NDP pointed out his hypocracy:

"It really means that Jason Kenney is a hypocrite," New Democrat MP Peggy Nash said in an interview from Cairo.

"He's speaking to an organization that's linked to a terrorist organization according to Canada and the U.S. State Department, and he's done it on the steps of Parliament Hill in the name of the Prime Minister,"
Source: Tehran Times

And then Kenney defended himself again:

Kenney said Nash's criticisms are "utterly ridiculous."
"Peggy Nash and company were explicitly talking about negotiations with Hezbollah, a banned illegal terrorist organization.

"I, of course, would never advocate the delisting of the MEK or the People's Mojahedin or any other organization deemed by our security and intelligence agencies to be a terrorist entity.

Source: Tehran Times
So here is my question:

Kenney admits that he talked to this group and that he knew the PMOI was known as the MEK and that the MEK was on the terrorst watch list. In fact, Kenny goes so far as to point out that the MEK should not be de-listed as a terrorist organization.

According to the Canadian Justice Department:

The basis for new offences in the
Criminal Code that would make it a crime to:

- knowingly participate in, contribute to or facilitate the activities of a
terrorist group
The participation or contribution itself does not have to be a criminal offence
Source: Department of Justice

In fact the Criminal Code is pretty clear:

83.18 (1) Every one who knowingly participates in or contributes to, directly or indirectly, any activity of a terrorist group for the purpose of enhancing the ability of any terrorist group to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

(2) An offence may be committed under subsection (1) whether or not

(a) a terrorist group actually facilitates or carries out a terrorist activity;

(b) the participation or contribution of the accused actually enhances the ability of a terrorist group to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity; or

(c) the accused knows the specific nature of any terrorist activity that may be facilitated or carried out by a terrorist group.
So let's break down Kenney's situation:
  • he knew they were a terrorist organization
  • he met with them and brought greetings from the Prime Minister
  • he does not think this organization should be removed from the terrorist watch list
Explain to me how he did not break the law here?

Even if you are going to allow him the ability to get out of this by claiming that he didn't know who the group was or what was going on then tell me:

Why shouldn't he resign as PS to the PM?