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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Calvert Ponders Ad Campaign for Equalization pt 2

Part 1

While we are at it, here is an interesting quote from the article from my first post.

Elhard [the Conservative Party Critic] is now urging Calvert to slow down.

"If we can be a little more patient, take the prime minister at his word," he said. "If he says there's going to be change, we'll wait to see that happen."

People in Saskatchewan don't need to be convinced that a new equalization deal is a good idea, Elhard said.

That's very interesting. Here is what Elhard's Boss- Brad Wall, the Conservative Leader of the Opposition had to say on this file a few months ago:

Well, Mr. Speaker, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the federal Liberal government
seems to be having their share of political challenges at the moment, and the likelihood of a spring election is increasing across the country. What better time to press for a better equalization deal for our province than right now?
First the Conservative Saskatchewan Party is all for pushing for equalization and now they are against pushing for it?

What happened?

Oh, right, the Conservatives formed the government federaly.

Brad Wall is selling out the people of Saskatchewan to play lapdog for his master PMS