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-Homer J. Simpson

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Saskatchewan Progressive Bloggers

So I am a member of both the Progressive Bloggers and the Saskatchewan Bloggers and the people that administer both of those sites are doing great things and are a real asset to the community.

However, I wanted a subset of both of those blog systems and I looked around and there were none.

So I decided to create it.

Announcing the Saskatchewan Progressive Bloggers

New Web Site for this blogroll here

Yep, got a logo and everything

All I have really done here is create a blogroll that people can put on their website if they want.

The code for doing so is here and you can see it in action over on my side menu under "Sask Progressives"

To put a copy of the Sask Progressives on your blog or Web Page copy the code below:

If this is a useful service to people then great. If this sucks and someone wants to make an actual useful service then great too. I am OK if someone better at coding and with more time than me takes over this project.