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Monday, May 28, 2007

Taxpayers Federation Employee makes hateful comments

Anyone who runs a blog in Saskatchewan knows (or quickly finds out) that they will have to deal with the head of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Federation, David MacLean

The man has nothing better to do then spend his days trolling under a variety of user names (such as r.s. porter, farmer joe and others). In fact, he has a whole slew of pseudonyms that he uses to cause havoc on left-wing blogs.

But the change from blogger to the new blogger has caught him out.

Check out this link to Larry Hubich's blog you will see the following:

You will see the typical comment that David will leave - this time he is posting as "the artist formerly known as..."

"But wait" - you say, "How do you know it is him?"

Follow this link to the post above and click on the user name: This is what you get.

Go ahead, follow the link yourself and see.

What has happened is that the changeover from blogger to the new blogger has merged together accounts from the old and the new. I know that I had a "giant political mouse" user name and password for both the old and new bloggers and they got merged together into one when the change was complete.

Same thing with David MacLean and some of his "other" accounts.

The ones he uses to harass people.

Let's just see what Mr. MacLean has to say when he thinks no one knows who he is, shall we.

First of all, what is interesting to note is that he posts on his own blog.

If you link here you will see the fascinating spectacle of David MacLean making as post as himself and then posting two comments to that post as different people (r.s. porter is one of his other names as well - The link doesn't lead to David but you can track IP numbers from his posts) .

Gee David, do so few people pay attention to you that you have to fake it this much?

But wait, let's see what else he writes over here:


This might be of interest to any media types that interview Mr. MacLean, perhaps they will ask him about it. Since he seems to think that they "are so incurious as to think they actually have knowledge on complicated issues" and that "the fact that having a microphone makes you 'significant' says a lot about the problems with the media in general"

For someone who's job basically depends on getting interviewed by the Media, this seems a bit silly for him to say - I guess he was really relying on that anonymity, eh?

Of course, this is just one of the many, many names that David MaceLan posts under, let's check out another one, shall we?

We will start with "The Artist Formerly Know as..." complaining about one of his other names being blocked over on the Saskatchewan Citizen's Federation website.

you can clearly see the moderator (Mike Stafaniuk) complaining about all the names that this certain blogger uses (and again, if you click on the link, it leads right to David Maclean's blogger profile)

But it seems that David had another name that he was using to harass the bloggers on the SCF site. "Tommy Douglas" (What better name to harass lefties with, eh?)

But what posts did David make as "Tommy Douglas"?

Well this one is interesting:

I guess it is part of his job to do these kinds of posts (you will note that all the time stamps are during the day - when David MacLean should be at work) but I wonder what his bosses think about him using company time to promote strip clubs and lowering the drinking age. I'm not sure how that fits into the mandate of the Taxpayer's federation.

But so far we just have harassment, right? I mean, it's not like he has said anything offensive, right?


Here we have David MacLean, using one of his "other names" claiming that the hepatitis-c victims got hep-c due to drug use and that they are all rich to being with (thus should not receive any money from the government) (Note: Kate of Small Dead Animals says this isn't offensive)

I am fairly sure the media might want to ask about that as well.

Update: Robert McClelland finds 80 posts by "Tommy Douglas" and links the IP number to David Maclean, read more here

Some jems from David MacLean on My Bhlag one and two

Stop tax money from paying for abortions and let them have at’er.
when you are on minimum wage, you either don’t know anything, or you are otherwise useless.
Whew! Organized labour and pro life AND pro choice people might have something to say about all of that!

Uperdate: buckdog links to this great post by Mr. Maclean

Why did Isreal claim Gaza? Spoils of war -- after being invaded by Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria.

Mini-update inside this update: This is too funny, here is David on Buckdog complaining about other people using fake names:

But this means he [Buckdog] can no longer troll his own blog under fake handles. What a shame
That's irony, people!

Uper-Uperdate: Look who is going on the Radio tomorrow!

So tomorrow (Tuesday, May 29th) at 12:30 on CJME Mr. David MacLean will be on the air and people can phone in and ask questions. That will either be the John Gormley show or the Murry Woods show.

The number (at least for Gormley) is 1-877-332-8255.

I can think of some questions you might want to ask - and I made a list for you

Yet another update: How could I forget that David MacLean was involved in a controversy over posting under his own name last year. Calgary Grit made this post that led to the following National Post article by Warren Kinsella: (including this great opening line)

It goes on and on. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Saskatchewan director referring to, and minimizing, the deaths of Kristallnacht to make an obscure point.

No wonder David has to resort to posting under other people's names - when he posts under his own name it is so offensive that it makes national news.

For the record, here is what David said (from the Calgary Grit post) that got the National Post all worked up:

The famous Kristallnacht that horrified civilized opinion worldwide caused a grand total of 71 deaths. This in a nation of 70 million.
Wow! Defending the Nazis as well. David, David, David.

Last Update: My follow-up post to this is here and for more "words of wisdom" from David Maclean, including such jems as "Nelson Mandela is a terrorist" read here