"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

David Maclean is now Trolling on Giant Political Mouse

David is now trolling on my site (I wondered how long it would be until he showed up)

You will see, in the comments here, posts by a blogger called moneybags4me. You will note that this is one of the same posters that was featured in my post yesterday about David trolling all over the place. The links are here and here

Note that this "moneybags4me" seems to be obsessed with defending David MacLean.

You will take particular note that in the May 8th post - he gets called out as being a David MacLean sock puppet - and this is over a year ago.

Yet here he is today acting the same way, oh, and he is blocking his IP address.

How convenient.

Woops! But somehow Zorpheous finds out his IP.

I confirm that is in fact David MacLean's IP.

We have proof. (read all about it in the comments - watch the sock puppet revealed in real time)

Update: Now that we know even more of David MacLean's sock puppet names watch him have an entire conversations with himself here don't worry, David, we saved the page in case you delete it. David MacLean, Farmer Joe, and Moneybags 4 me are ALL David MacLean. This is hilarious. (I like the part where people call David on using sock puppets - and his sock puppets claim that it isn't true)

Uperdate: And here is another David....Unplugged, moment.

Put me in with Mark Steyn. I'm a climate holocaust denier.

Uperdate: David starts to post under his real name in my comments section. I wonder if he will answer the following questions (read the comments to this post)

Is "the artist formerly known as..." also David MacLean, because the profile link says yes.

If moneybags4me and "the artist formerly known as..." have the same IP then aren't they the same person? (I.e. David MacLean)

If "the artist formerly known as..." said that he was Tommy Douglas and they have the same IP (as each other and moneybags4me) then isn't that David MacLean as well?

David has a lot of explaining to do...hopefully he will try using his own name for the explanation.