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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saskatchewan Cabinet Shuffle

Saskatchewan just got a new cabinet today - here is the breakdown:

Warren McCall is now the Minister of Advanced Education - maybe this means we will finally see a report about student tuition affordability.

Pat Atkinson is the new Minister of Finance - not the first women finance minister we have had but still a good show on that front.

Speaking of women in Cabinet, Sandra Morin and Judy Junior both went in, Morin as Culture, Youth and Rec (good fit) and Junor as CIC and Status of the Women minister

Maynard Sonntag is moving to Industry and Resources, and gets the Forestry Secretariat and keeps First Nations. That's a BIG portfolio but I guess he is a seasoned cabinet minister.

Ron Harper is the new guy in Corrections and Public Safety.

Lon Borgerson is in as Rural Revitalization (this should make Saskboy happy) this will be interesting going from a portfolio that didn't do much to an activist portfolio. This will be the one to watch, I think.

Kevin Yates is going back in (I guess he and the Premier made up) and he will be going to Community Resources (Social Services) and that's a tough portfolio.

Buckley Belanger is moving over to Highways (go northern roads!)

Clay Serby is staying on as Deputy Premier but isn't really a cabinet minister (I don't count SPM)

Andrew Thompson, Eric Cline, and Eldon Lautermilch are all being dropped.

Other than that, there are no changes.

This is an interesting "election ready" cabinet that is significantly younger and more female than the previous cabinet.

Good sign that an election is coming!