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-Homer J. Simpson

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Questions for David Maclean on the Radio

For those of you who missed it yesterday:

What has happened is that the changeover from blogger to the new blogger has merged together accounts from the old and the new. I know that I had a "giant political mouse" user name and password for both the old and new bloggers and they got merged together into one when the change was complete.

Same thing with David MacLean and some of his "other" accounts.

The ones he uses to harass people.

So tomorrow (Tuesday, May 29th) at 12:30 on CJME Mr. David MacLean will be on the air and people can phone in and ask questions. That will either be the John Gormley show or the Murry Woods show.

The number (at least for Gormley) is 1-877-332-8255.

I can think of some questions you might want to ask

As promised, here is the list of questions:

1) Why do you post under multiple names on your own website? Do so few people go there that you have to fake people posting there so it looks like anybody is paying attention to you?

2) Do your bosses know that you are faking feedback on your own blog?

3) You said, quote "The fact that having a microphone makes you 'significant' says a lot about the problems with the media in general." What are the problems with the media in general as you see them?

4) You said, quote "I for one, think that reporters should have to pass some general knowledge test before they get their microphone." Who would administer this test?

5) You said, quote "Too many members of the media are so incurious as to think they actually have knowledge on complicated issues." Which members of the media lack this knowledge?

6) You called for more strip clubs and a lower drinking age and said that this would be, quote "one small step for Sask." Does this represent the official position of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their social conservative backers?

7) You said, quote "these same poor hep-c victims probably got hep-c while shooting heroin in front of thier 35-inch television." Were you unaware that many hep-c victims contracted this disease via the tainted blood scandal in the 80's and 90's?

8) What statistics do you have that show most hep-c victims use heroin?

9) You said, quote "Stop tax money from paying for abortions and let them have at’er." Did you mean that everyone can have an abortion as long as it is not paid for by the state? Does this represent the official position of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their social conservative backers?

10) You said, quote "when you are on minimum wage, you either don’t know anything, or you are otherwise useless." Why are people who get paid minimum wage useless?

11) This is the big one. Why are all your offensive comments made using "secret identities"? Are you afraid that if people find out what you really believe that you will have no supporters, anywhere, ever?

That's a good start I guess.

My guess is that he chickens out and doesn't show up.