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-Homer J. Simpson

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Equalization Round Up

Some people have been wondering if the equalization issue has "legs", that is, do people care about it?

Well I know that the blogging community isn't exactly a representative sample of the "real world" but on the other hand, I would guess that we are what pollsters and opinion experts call "opiion shapers". In other words, if we all care about a topic, then we will lead other people to care about a topic.

So lets look in at the blogging world on the latest equalization promise, shall we?

Saskboy writes:

Harper’s gamble that he can pander to Quebec at the expense of Westerners who he’s just screwed over, is going to be called.
The Jurist weighs in:

After the firestorm this week surrounding the Cons' apparent plan to break their promises on equalization, PMS' provincial and federal allies alike are going out of their way to say that nothing's been set in stone - while of course refusing to suggest what else might be on the way instead.
and at Canada's Debate:

Well the shit seems to have hit the fan. Harper’s plan to “fix” the fiscal imbalance has been announced, and not surprisingly people from the provinces most effected (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland) are the ones who are the most upset.
Cowboys for Social Responsibility:

The province will get $600 million less than the Cartman Tories promised - a backhanded slap costing the province $50 million per Tory MP.
Ken Chapman asks "What is Stephen Harper Thinking?"

Wasn’t it just this kind of pandering to Quebec politics that started the Reform Party in the first place? Wasn’t Stephen Harper around then?
Eugene Plawiuk chimes in:

Call me sceptical, call me a lifelong Albertan, but the True Blue Tory types in Alberta will deny, deny, deny this is a new NEP. Well it is.
Laddie is fairly blunt in his comments:

Stephen "Two-Face" Harper doesn't want to lose the 10 seats that the Conservatives have picked up in Quebec, but the 12 seats in Saskatchewan are up for grabs!
Nicole Martel opines:

No matter how the Conservatives try to position themselves, this proposal will certainly cause backlash from their Western base. Mostly because it is another broken promise to a group that is still dealing with the reversal on income trusts and appointing unelected senators to cabinet posts
The Northern Liberal says:

I can see no other logical explanation for Harper not following through on his promise to exclude resource revenues from the calculation of equalization other than to divert more money into vote-rich Quebec. If you can--please--I'd like to hear it.
And to come full circle, Saskboy again

Harper has done it. He’s given the cheeky middle finger to Saskatchewan.
Wow! This is obviously a pretty important issue - at least in the blogosphere.

Let's get the right-wing reaction from Small Dead Animals on equalization:

sound of crickets chirping

Well, that's even more telling, isn't it?