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Friday, January 05, 2007

Wajid Khan in his own words and pictures

So Wajid Khan has crossed from the Liberals to the Conservatives according to some bloggers

How inconvenient the Internet Archive Wayback Machine must be for MP's who cross the floor:

Mr. Khan with the Old Liberal Leader:

Mr. Khan with the New Liberal Leader:

Some words of Mr. Khan's:

Wajid Khan Press Release 2004-06-29
Canadians choose Liberals to deliver the country they want

I guess they now choose someone different?

Wajid Khan Press Release 2004-06-03
Liberals boost robust economy with $2 billion investment

That was then and this is now

Integrity and Accountability: Faith in our government is fundamental. Through real reform , open dialogue and greater transparency, Paul Martin and the new Liberal Party will restore faith in our government.
Or, you know, not.

And from hansard

Mr. Wajid Khan (Mississauga—Streetsville, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to today's debate. In considering the question of a supposed fiscal imbalance, let me begin by suggesting that we should all take a break from rhetoric and reflect on economic reality and national responsibility.

As was highlighted in the recent Speech from the Throne and the Prime Minister [Paul Martin] reply, Canada has acquired an outstanding record of economic achievement. In fact, our federation and its federal [Liberal] government are doing many things right.

And some more from hansard:

Mr. Wajid Khan (Mississauga—Streetsville, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, after years of making anti-immigrant statements, the Conservatives are now trying to cast themselves as pro-immigrant. How ironic.
Ironic, eh? Pot calling for a Mr. Kettle. Something about being black?

And so on and so on from hansard:

Mr. Wajid Khan (Mississauga—Streetsville, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the Conservative Party has just demonstrated why it has been in opposition for 12 years and I anticipate it will remain there for another 12.

Let me set the record straight. Before I do that, the rambling speeches that I have heard in the last couple of days are full of inaccuracies to the extent that they could probably make the Guinness Book of World Records.

The fact is the deficit, unemployment, interest rates and the bankruptcies were soaring when that party was in power. Surplus after surplus after surplus has brought nothing but good to the Canadian people. The rates are low, affordability is high, tax cuts of $100 billion have been given to the people over the last five years and the country is prosperous. [under a Liberal Government]