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-Homer J. Simpson

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The right-wingers are so predictable

The minute I read the press release from the NDP about the withdrawal of troops from combat operations in Afghanistan, I knew two things would happen.

1) The Right-wing Wank-o-sphere would accuse him of "cut[ing] and run[ning]" because they can't come up with any good lines themselves and they desperately want to ape BushCo and his band of slithering cronies.

2) The media would portray it as a complete withdrawal - not, as the press release says, a re-alignment of priorities with the troops. And of course, the right-wing blogosphere would follow this as the gospel truth. (side note: isn't it interesting that the same group of people who are always bemoaning the "MSM" are so quick to jump on the media's bandwagon when they are critical of the NDP?)

If only I hadn't been away for the weekend (and busy redesigning this site when I got back) if I had posted this on Friday, when the idea had came to me, then I could be proclaiming 100% prohecy right now:

1) Accusing Layton of "cut and run": Check

Steve Janke
That bastion of the liberal media bais the National Post
And of course, PM Steve-o himself

2) The media portraying it as a complete withdrawal: Check

For the record here is Layton's Statement: That's why I'm announcing that as a first step, New Democrats are calling for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from the combat mission in southern Afghanistan - Note there is nothing about withdrawing troops from the peacekeeping mission in Northern Afghanistan - why note "southern" if you are calling for a complete withdrawal?

Again, our friends at the National Post

At least the Globe got it a little bit right

"the party is calling for all of the troops currently engaged in Operation Athena in southern Afghanistan to return home to Canada as soon as possible. However, the soldiers based in the north as part of operations Archer and Argus would stay because their role is of a peacekeeping nature."