"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Roadkill Wackyness Part 4

So I made my post on the Dawson College issue and was prepared to leave it at that. But then I couldn't help myself (It's kind of a disease) and I wandered over to SDA to check out their "measured" reaction.

I wasn't disappointed.

" ctv.ca does not mention this fact: Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi, aka Marc Lepine. Gamil R. Gharbi changed his name to Marc Lepine at age 13."

"Craig Oliver should be on any minute to blame PM Harper's Afghanistan offensive."

"Just imagine if the victims could shoot back."

"There is a place for righteous outrage and anger, a demand for punishment. Heartening as it may be that Canadian Police went in as fast as they did, imagine what the outcome might have been had the populace not been disarmed. This creep opened fire outside. Any armed citizen could have brought him down right there."

"Were the onlookers, those that did not run away, a bunch of neutered Laytonesque wanna be peace-loving negotiators?"

"There have been too many incidents of this sort, not because of a "gun culture" but because of a citizenry dependent on the State for its safety. The State can't do it. The people must."

"Islamic terrorism springs to mind, of course, but I guess we must wait."

"I have known 3 "Gill" families in my travels (all unrelated to each other). They were all from India and (maybe coincidentally) all of the Sikh religion. If this is the case here, it should put an end to the idea of political motivation. Although, I guess that should already be clear by now. "

"Wouldn't you rather die doing something more courageous than voting NDP...?"

"Piss away a few more billions on more gun "control".....but try some "retard" control first"

" I respect Fox as the best source for news but this is getting too much."

"Why isn't talibanjack there to talk and negotiate with the shooters. "

"Next up, Jack Layton blames the US inspired Dewey Decimal System for illiteracy amongst Canada's Northern youth."

"FOX I would hope would at least wait until the shooting stopped before making a comment."

"What's so funny about fighting off an armed guy with a knapsack, esp. if you and your friends outnumber the nut? Unless you're a no-balls coward of course."

"While it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, that's the sort of thing you have to learn over time. A teenager generally doesn't know that yet, and their first instinct is to save themselves - the basic survival instinct."

"People that tell themselves that "it's not my problem" will run. Those that feel no duty to help thair fellow man will run. Those that have been taught to irrationally fear guns will run. And maybe many good prople would run, maybe I would run; but if I did, I would be ashamed of my (in)actions foreve"

"this is a glowing reminder to the public that a gun in the right hands saves lives"

"The inevitable political spin, while inevitable, has started already. Anyone trying to use this tradegy for political gain should be seriously chastised.
Layton is an idiot. I'll predict that the gun used (if it's only one) was either legally purchased, or stolen within this country and it was an SKS." [Empasis mine]

"Thank God the Conservatives are at the helm right now."

"How much taxpayers money was stolen under the watchfull eyes of the Lieberals?
$40 million?"

"Enough weeping and "grief counselors"."

"I agree with benning. Enough, already, with the grief counsellors. Canadians have got to wake up, smell the coffee, get off their butts, and KICK ASS when it comes to this stuff."

"turmoil in Algeria is encouraging the spread of an international form of Islamism that threatens to polarize rather than unite a divided society"
And my favorite:

"The MSM needs to calm down and concentrate on getting accurate information at this point"
It never fails, see my previous posts on this topic. The SDA comments forum always comes up with the best irony in the world.

See, the MSM should wait before commenting. Unlike the commenters, THEY should feel free to specualte about muslim terrorists, blame and attack the NDP and Layton, crtizise the students for not fighting back and claim that if EVERYONE had guns none of this would have happened.

Sick. Just Sick.