"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Saturday, March 10, 2007

On the Blogging Dippers Controversy Part III (and Final)

You all know the deal with this so I am not even going to link to my previous 2 posts on this topic.

So to show the difference between somebody with class and somebody without class we will ook at the following examples.

Robert McClelland shows class:

As you all know, recently I made a remark in the comments of a post that many people felt was offensive to Jews and crossed the boundaries of what constitutes good behaviour in the blogosphere.My comment was never intended to cause offense to anyone but it did and so I sincerely apologize for making it.
It wasn't a faux apology and even though it may (or may not) have been driven by the voting results of the blogging dippers site - you cannot deny that it takes a big man to admit they were wrong and say they are sorry.

Warren Kinsella on the other hand in his National Post Article shows he is sort of a dick

Robert McClelland (if that is his real name) is a blogger in the London area. For years, McClelland has posted some of the most offensive -- and stridently anti-Semitic -- material in the Canadian blogosphere.
Arrrrg. Get over yourself Warren.

And as for the "if that is his real name" game set, and match goes to Robert for his response here.

And as for Cherniak?

He is still going at it - and this part made me laugh out loud:

As I've discussed before, I don't actually like getting into "ethnic politics".
Shut the Fuck Up Jason.

At least Warren has earned the right to be a dick - you haven't.