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-Homer J. Simpson

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Details of the Saskatchewan Budget

My first take on the 2007 Saskatchewan Budget:

  • A New Parmicare plan for Seniors - No Senior will have to pay more than $15 a month for all precription drugs. This is the most significant expansion of health services for seniors in a generation

  • New tax incentives for new graduates so that if they stay in the province, or move here from elsewhere, that the first $20,000 of income will be tax-free for 5 years for a total of $100,000 worth of tax-free income.

  • The start of the return of the Children's dental program (I hope) with a targeted dental program for grades 1 to 7 in community schools.

  • Keeping the University Tuition Freeze or a third year

  • A $5 billion/Ten Year Plan for Highways

  • Continuing to cut business taxes

  • Continuing to have the lowest sales tax in Canada

  • Providing property tax relief

This is one of the most left-wing, socially progressive budgets that I have ever seen from this government and it obviously an attempt to shore-up left wing support leading into an election campaign.