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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Conservative boxes left behind - what is the deal with all this?

Hat tip to fuddle-duddle

This is a weird story. Here is the Ottawa News Story:

Accusing the minority government of "gross negligence", two Liberal MPs had 10 boxes of Conservative personnel files carted on a trolley for three blocks through pouring rain to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office in order to have them returned.

The files contain highly personal information, judgments on individual employee performance and comments by their peers and supervisors, Ontario MP Mark Holland and Montreal MP Marlene Jennings said. They accused the government of "gross ineptitude" and "cavalier disregard" for privacy.

According to the Liberals:

The Liberals said some of the documents were found in drawers of offices abandoned by the Conservatives and others were in boxes.

The documents were left behind in the first-floor offices of a parliamentary building after officials from the Conservative research bureau moved to third-floor offices the Liberal research office had occupied for many years.

According to the Conservatives:

I tend to err on the side of the Cons screwed up - but if they can actually make a case that the boxes were "stolen" then this could backfire on the Liberals.

According to Big City Lib These are the same boxes that yielded the Stockwell Day payoff scandal so there are some juicy contents in these boxes.

I get the sense this story is just getting started........