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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sask MP draws line in the sand over Equalization

It seems that one of the Saskatchewan Conservative MP's - Brad Trost - has really drawn a line in the sand on the equalization deal, according to the CBC

Brad Trost said while caucus discussions are confidential, MPs from Saskatchewan are intent on keeping their promise to get a new equalization deal for the province.

"Let me give you a 100 per cent guarantee, Prime Minister Harper will give Saskatchewan the best deal it's ever had from any prime minister ever, " he said.

A 100% guarantee, eh? That's a pretty strong statement. For those of you that missed my earlier post on equalization, here is the conservative plan:

The plan
A Conservative government will:
• Work with the provinces in order to achieve a long-term agreement which would address the issue of fiscal imbalance in a permanent fashion.
• Work to achieve with the provinces permanent changes to the equalization formula which would ensure that non-renewable natural resource revenue is removed from the equalization formula to encourage economic growth. We will ensure that no province is adversely affected from changes to the equalization formula.

"Ensure that non-renewable natural resource revenue is removed from the equalization formula" sounds like a pretty specific campaign promise to me.

What does Trost have to say:
Asked if that would be the same deal the Conservatives campaigned on, Trost said: "If it isn't, it better be better."
So therefore, unless Trost is the biggest liar in what will be a caucus full of liars if this deal does not happen then the Conservatives will HAVE to live up to this commitement



Let's see what his fellow MP Tom Lukiwiski had to say:
Before the Conservatives formed the goverment, Lukiwski said the two proposed changes to the equalization formula could mean at least $2 billion a year extra for Saskatchewan government coffers.

Now, Lukiwski will only guarantee that the deal will be a good one.

In fact, Lukiwski went as far to say, "we're going to be happy with whatever announcement is made."

Get ready for a Saskatchewan Screw Job - Harper Style