"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Monday, August 28, 2006

Roadkill Wackyness Part 3

Every once in a while I wade into the Small Dead Animals Message Boards to find you the best that right-wing nutjobs have to offer. They never disappoint.

From "The Lesser Known Eisenhower Quote"

No racism here, move along now.

He [Eisenhower] also said something like, "if there's ever a nuclear war, just run outside with your rifle and shoot all your neighbors, because living will be worse than dying. You'll be doing them a favor."
maybe something in the German makeup [means] they are good at conducting wars.
see, the problem was and gawd Im not trying to be racist here, but japanese are far more recognizable than aryans within the european dominant society of US A at the time. they were simply much easier to ferret out and heave into the internment camps.

From "Fox News Journalists "Converted To Islam""

Ah, the sensitivity for Islam is touching.
Here are todays praying times for Islam's latest converts. I'm sure they are just as easily converted into "Miller Times"
Proves to us further that the Muslim philosophy is "convert or be killed"
wonder how ol' allah views this recruitment tactic re how it puts moe-ham-mad's whole thing in a bad light.
Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other savages like them work closely with western media productions
Unlike the God of Islam, if these belong to virtually any other religion, God will know and forgive. Some way we all worship the same God. Not true. Too bad Muslims don't worship a loving and forgiving God.
I wish those intending to convert to Islam would understand that there is a misprint involved. It is not 72 virgins, but a 72 year old virgin.

From "CBC DeProgramming Note"

One poster was kind enough to tell us all the things that are causing the problems in the world today. They all stem from the same source apparently,

The Liberal Party of Canada, The Status of Women, The CBC, The United Nations, Muslims of Terrorist Inclination, Hez-B, Al Quaida, One World Governance, TorStar, G&M, Canadian Journalism "schools", Environment Canada, Charter of Rights, Kyoto Protocol, Criminal Rights over Victims Rights, Trudeau/Suzuki support of Castro, State Day Care support, not SAH Mothers, Soft on Terrorism, Soft on Crime, MSM, MSM polls, UN/Saddam Oil FF Scandal, Mourning the fall of Berlin Wall, Greenpeace

I'm sort of hurt that in that hate-filled rant they couldn't find time to mention the NDP. Aren't we a threat to society like Muslim Terrorists or Greenpeace.