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-Homer J. Simpson

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Elizabeth May (New Green Leader) says "Vote NDP"

So the greens have elected a new Leader

Elizabeth May

I know that everyone out there was paying a great deal of attention to this riviting leadership race and it is possible that Ms. May could be the next Prime Minister of Canada and......



Sorry, that's the start of my post for the results of the Liberal leadership convention.

My guess is, if you're like me, then you have never heard of Ms. May - so on the off-hand chance that you care:

Age: 52 (Born in US)

Occupation: Lawyer

Claim to Green Fame: Executive Director of Sierra Club of Canada

Now here is the kicker.

When she was the Executive Director of the Sierra Club - they gave the NDP higher marks than the Green Party.

Ah, the commericals write themselves

from the news release:

"The party positions put the NDP and the Bloc at the head of the class with the NDP earning an A+ and the Bloc getting an A, tying with the Green Party. Paul Martin and the Liberal Party platform earned a B."