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-Homer J. Simpson

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Harprocracy

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So PMS (Prime Minister Steve-o) was in Saskatchewan for three days and what was the sum total of things he said and did. This story sums it up nicely.

Harper reaffirmed his government’s May 2 budget commitment of $161 million in new funding to train 600 more officers and hire 400 more civilian support staff, including federal prosecutors. This will be done over two years.

Harper’s appearance at the RCMP training depot was part of a two-day visit that included filming a cameo appearance on Corner Gas and a Conservative barbecue at Sherwood Forest Country Club on Tuesday. It is the first time Harper has been in Saskatchewan as prime minister.
Gee, I wonder what Stephen Harper, Leader of the Opposion would have to say to a Prime Minister who traveled to a province at taxpayer expense to attend a political fundraiser, appear on a popular television program and re-annouce spending from the budget.

Here's what Peter MacKay would say if HE was in oppositon:

For example, the Prime Minister's high-flying use of the Challenger jet in his pre-election campaign cost Canadian taxpayers almost $1 million. Between January and May, the Prime Minister used the jet 26 times to make rehashed announcements... When will the Prime Minister pay back this money to Canadian taxpayers for his pre-election campaign?