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-Homer J. Simpson

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yens Petersen in Regina South

As reported ably by the Jurist and Buckdog, Sask NDP leadership candidate Yens Pedersen has announced he is seeking the nomination in Regina South.

Yens Pedersen has announced his plans for 2011, and has decided to seek a rematch against Bill Hutchinson in Regina South after suffering a narrow loss in 2007.

Yens Pedersen is a Regina lawyer who sought the leadership of the Saskatchewan New Democrats last year. He brought a breath of fresh air into the race and has certainly made his mark in the ranks of the provincial party. Yens today announced that he is seeking the NDP nomination for the constituency of Regina South currently held by Bill Hutchinson of the Saskatchewan Party.

This is going to be a nomination and then a swing seat to watch.