"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question Period Review - March 10

Opening Shananigans

Sandra Morin goes after the SP Martinsville fundraising poster. She took the right tone. Well done.

Topic 1 - Rural Doctor Shortage

Lingenfelter and Wall spar over the SARM issues on rural doctors. Lingenfelter is over-the-top when he doesn't need to be. Wall uses the quote by Lingenfelter in the media that the NDP was unpopular in rural Saskatchewan. Wall wins the exchange in the house but I don't think he will convince average voters with that performance. McMorris is answering some of the questions and the NDP members are acting like idiots in the House. Decorum matters people and the SP started winning this fight in the last session.

Topic 2 - Health Care Workers

The earlier topic blurs into Home Care workers and Lingenfelter makes an excellent point that when it hard to attract workers in these fields, then maybe we shouldn't do things like ask them to work brutal split shifts. McMorris has nothing and just attacks Link for being from Alberta. That was the lamest I have seen McMorris in quite some time.

Topic 3 - Health Cuts

Junor asks if the next cut (after chiropractic services) are ambulance services or the drug plan. McMorris give the NDP a perfect applause line, saying that if the Sask Party forms government the whole world will cave. He then goes on to talk about fearmongering. What is with McMorris this week? He is normally much better but this was a career-bad performance.

Final verdict - NDP Win