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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Field is Shaping up for the SNDP Leadership

A couple of notes from the paper today:

Deb Higgins is throwing her hat into the ring for the leadership of the NDP, making her the first candidate in the race who currently holds a legislature seat.


Saskatoon Meewasin MLA Frank Quennell will be her campaign manager.


Higgins will also be backed by Saskatoon MLAs Pat Atkinson and Cam Broten and Regina's Warren McCall from the Opposition caucus

So we can make a few more updates to the list (to be fair, the Jurist pointed this out in my comment section yesterday, so hat tip to him)

So the list is thus:

** Deb Higgins **
** Yens Pedersen **
** Dwain Lingenfelter **

?? Len Taylor
?? Dr. Ryan Meili

Cam Broten
Andrew Thomson
Nettie Wiebe
Dion Tchorzewski
Frank Quennell
Pat Atkinson

I am not sure what to do with this (also from the same story)

Saskatoon family doctor and community activist Ryan Meili hasn't made it official, but he also has his sights set on the leadership.

"My intention, barring any major catastrophes or complications, is to be in this race," said Meili.

Until now I have waited for official announcements, but this is a pretty strong indication that Meili is running.

Really the only one we are waiting on is Len Taylor. My guess is that he will have to announce one way or the other pretty soon.