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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Small Dead Animals Denouced by Sask Premier

Take a look at this link Where KKKate talks about the Station 20 issue in Saskatoon:

Dear Saskatoon Inner City;

If those of you in the "left behind during an economic boom community" want a grocery store in your neighborhood, the following economic stimuli are guaranteed to produce one a lot more quickly than a government funded "free" dental clinic and housing project:

1. Put the cap back on your used needle and take it to a safe disposal site. Failing that, share it with your friends. It's a quicker solution to your problem, anyway.

2. Cross your legs.

3. Put down the spray can.


And no, I don't have any change. There's a McDonalds over on 22nd where the average kid working behind the counter is a 55 year old women. I doubt they're pushing you out of the job market.

On second thought, maybe they are.

This has been found to be offensive by none other than Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan:

Reporter: What do you say today about the small dead animal blog...?

Brad Wall: Those are intolerant and unacceptable remarks and I had known for some time in Opposition we had an endorsement on our website referencing myself and I think that's been removed, and if it hasn't it will be shortly.

Reporter: Why?

Brad Wall: Because those comments are just simply unacceptable, and I'm not sure what direct relationship there is between an endorsement and those comments except that that individual and the website, if those words are reflective of their view, I would like not to be on our caucus website.

Reporter: In the past, members of your caucus in Opposition have cited that website, have mentioned her, spoken approvingly I would say generally of her judging by the tone of it, will you ask them not to do things like that?

Brad Wall: Well, on certain issues, on that website and others, there's, you know, when it comes to economic cases to be made, issues, those have been agreed with by members of our caucus, by myself. This is beyond the pale in terms of what is acceptable, and so, the website's been changed as of right now, and I don't expect to hear anytime soon Saskatchewan Party members in the House referencing the site.

Reporter: Is this person involved in your party at all, does she help you and would she be welcome to do so?

Brad Wall: She's been pretty clear, although, well, I think she's been clear, I guess I'm not sure of this, but I don't think she's been or has any intention of being a member of the party. We would want to have members of the Saskatchewan Party who don't take such a view with respect to people who live in core neighborhoods in the province.
hat tip Sean