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-Homer J. Simpson

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Federal Agricutural Minister Won't Obey the Law

Federal Agricultural Minister Chuck Strahl says:

"I haven't ruled out a plebiscite," said the minister. "We'll see if there's a need for one."

He said there are a number of changes that could be made in the board's mandate by a new executive, by cabinet decree and by government regulation.

Here is what the Canadian Wheat Board Act says:

47.1 The Minister shall not cause to be introduced in Parliament a bill that would exclude any kind, type, class or grade of wheat or barley, or wheat or barley produced in any area in Canada, from the provisions of Part IV, either in whole or in part, or generally, or for any period, or that would extend the application of Part III or Part IV or both Parts III and IV to any other grain, unless

(a) the Minister has consulted with the board about the exclusion or extension; and

(b) the producers of the grain have voted in favour of the exclusion or extension, the voting process having been determined by the Minister.