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-Homer J. Simpson

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sask NDP in the Leiglsature

James Woods has an interesting little article goin every Friday in the Leader Post these days. It seems to just be a bit of scuttlebutt from around the legislature. I found this very interesting.

NDP Leader Lorne Calvert has fired the most questions from the Opposition benches. He was followed by corrections critic Kevin Yates, who apparently remains in good enough graces despite his acknowledged behind-the-scenes stumping for Dwain Lingenfelter as NDP Leader when Calvert was still premier.
Is this an attempt by the caucus to keep a lid on things? I don't get to see the house every day (I try to watch QP via internet streaming at work) but I haven't really seen Deb Higgins or Frank Quennell ask any questions yet. Maybe if they declared for leader they would et more questions :-)

At the end of the day, Calvert is probably one of the better questioners for the NDP so it is probably a good thing that he is asking the most.

Oh well, no matter what I assume the NDP convention will be better than the Liberals':

What if you didn't hold a convention, and nobody knew?

The provincial Liberal Party has had a low profile since failing to elect any MLAs to the legislature in last fall's election, a repeat of what happened in 2003.

The party has found a new leader, Ryan Bater, but Liberal faithful won't be gathering to celebrate that fact this weekend.

The party's annual convention was originally scheduled to take place in Regina today.

But when reporters called to find out the convention schedule, they were informed it had actually been cancelled more than a month ago, due to the fact it would come so closely after the hubbub of the federal election.

Yep, you wouldn't want to have a convention 6 weeks after a federal election. That would be crazy :-)