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-Homer J. Simpson

Friday, April 20, 2007

May/December (I mean Dion) Romance - My Take

Actually it is not my take, but rather the take of a few other bloggers:

First off take this

While I've been viewing the situation in Central Nova from afar like a slow motion train wreck about to happen, I haven't really been rubbed the wrong way by May or her party. Until now. For May to insist that it might be more important for Jack to talk to her about their "shared values" than to talk to Harper on actually SHARING those values smacks of a sense of entitlement that shouldn't even be inherent in a person whose party has yet to elect a single member, and who has yet to enter the House of Commons as a sitting Member of Parliament let alone the Leader of an official party in that House.

and this

Even if all of the Liberal voters in that riding (and that is a pretty big if) threw their support behind the Green’s a good percentage of the NDP vote still needs to switch their support. All of that is also assuming that the right-Liberal vote doesn’t switch to the Conservatives once they have lost their party

and this

Essentially, May has written off nearly every other Green candidate in the country in order to improve her personal odds of being elected.

May has put all of the Green eggs (and ham) in one basket. If she does not win, then this new strategy will only have helped the Liberal Party appropriate Green votes. If she wins, she will not have anyone to second her motions let alone official party status. In effect, May would have to function as an appendage of another party. Through her deal with Dion, she has clarified which party it would be. Whether or not May is elected, the beneficiary of this deal will be the Liberal Party.

and finally back to this

Does this mean if (a big if) May is elected she will get a free ride for the rest of her time in politics?